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ONTHEROCK Software Pragmatic innovation through software

We assist businesses to embrace the growing importance and impact of software and automation. We are a Laravel development company and embrace the full Laravel ecosystem to deliver innovative, pragmatic software solutions.

About Us

ONTHEROCK Software was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing custom software for the financial services industry. We identified a niche in the high volume sales fulfillment space, and got to work building TheSalesFactory, a generic new business switch to address that niche.

The product launched in 2008 and is still in active use today despite the dramatic changes in the technology and sales landscapes. The 10 plus years spent actively integrating products into almost all the major insurance product houses and banks in South Africa, allowed us to build up a substantial tool-set for integration and rapid product development.

We were also early adopters of cloud technologies and the emergence of the API marketplace. All these factors and school fees puts ONTHEROCK software in a very strong position to deliver service, advice and of course, our first love: software.

About Us
Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development

We specialize in creating high-performance, user-friendly web and mobile applications that surpass our clients’ expectations. We’ll work with you from the initial discovery phase to the final launch, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Additionally, we offer integration and API development services to help you connect your existing systems and extend their functionality or connect with other SaaS systems.

Development cost

No estimates. No upfront costs. No more "how long is a piece of string..."

We charge a fixed fee of $4500 per month, if you are not happy after the first month, you pay nothing and we part ways, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Check out FAQ section for more details

Development cost

Our customers love our work


Don't just take our word for it, have a look at some customer testimonials.

I have been working with the team at ONTHEROCK Software since 2013 delivering various combined solutions to the industry. I have found their work to be of the highest standard and their knowledge of the financial services industry to be second to none

Gerdus (Gus) Byleveld
Gerdus (Gus) Byleveld


We have worked with OTRSW for over 5 years and they are the most reliable software provider we have. Friendly, positive and always go that extra mile to make sure problems are resolved quickly and projects implemented efficiently.

Guy Bigwood
Guy Bigwood

Chief Changemaker and CEO

a great company to work with, always on the ground making sure that our operations together with our partners are running smooth, I would recommend them to anyone in the insurance industry

Kwaledi Madiba
Kwaledi Madiba


Trustworthy, effective and reliable software solution provider. Program changes are thoroughly tested and well implemented. Good insight of business requirements and exceptional track record for meeting deadlines. Excellent user support. Highly recommended.

Noleen Bell
Noleen Bell


I cannot recommend Heinz and his team at ONTHEROCK Software more highly. From our initial meeting they started to add value in helping us to shape our thinking about what is possible. Their ability to grasp our needs and translate that into technology is exceptional. They are a true partner rather than a service provider and also somehow manage to make it fun to work with them

Susi Astengo
Susi Astengo

Managing Director - CoachMatching


A few of our projects and happy clients.

API Gateway

Laravel, Larvel Nova, REST API, WebServices

A call center customer required a way to limit the development time when taking new external lead providers on board....

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Laravel, Integration, API, Laravel Nova

A bespoke admin and metrics portal developed for a corporate client. Their internal support staff uses a legacy open...

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Global Destination Sustainability Index

Laravel, Laravel Nova

The GDS-Movement unites and enables destination management professionals to create flourishing and resilient place...

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Granite Business Vault

Laravel, Laravel Nova

The Granite Digital Document Vault is a Software-as-a-Service platform for businesses to safely and securely store...

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Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) applications

Our Products

We split our development efforts between bespoke development, and growing our own set of SAAS applications. Find out more about all these products below.

Red Amber Green

Red Amber Green

Launch Date: 2021


Red amber green, or RAG for short, has long been a standard mechanism for keeping track of project status. It is a ubiquitous , well understood metaphor to illustrate state. We bring this common measurement into the business process realm – making it easy for you to create and view a “monitor” for any process in your business, across all your systems.


The Sales Factory

The Sales Factory

Launch Date: 2008


The Sales Factory (TSF) is a software platform facilitating all steps in the sales process. From lead to fulfilment.


Need Help?

Get in touch or read a few of our frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What approach do you use to develop software?

When trying to scope an entire software system upfront without all the required information, it can be frustrating and counterproductive. This approach can lead to scope creep, which is the gradual expansion of a project’s requirements beyond its original scope Scope creep can cause a project to run over budget, miss deadlines, and lack quality. Both customers and developers are always negatively affected by this. After years of being caught in this hamster wheel, we decided to simply remove that frustration from the development process and adopted a simplified agile development approach. The agile approach emphasizes iterative development and continuous feedback, which can help prevent scope creep and ensure that the project stays on track. We further simplified our approach by adopting a month as the smallest measurable unit of work since that is the most sensible time frame to achieve something large enough to move forward at a significant pace.

Do you only develop Laravel applications?

Yes - we are exclusively a Laravel development shop.

Why Laravel?

"Framework hopping" or "framework wars" is extremely counterproductive. We do not advocate that Laravel is the "best" PHP framework - we leave that subjective opinion to the numerous online discussion forums. Instead, we firmly believe that it's the best choice for us, and by settling on a framework and its augmenting ecosystem, we free up energy and focus to solve business problems. Settling on a single framework also ensures that we can easily obtain resources if required, and there is a clear development and training trajectory for growing our resources.

Why is the technology stack important?

The quick answer is: it usually is not - if you want to 100% outsource a bespoke application, then the technology stack is not important. However, if you intend to at some point take ownership of the application, or include it in your existing IT development environment, then the tech stack is very important. For this reason, we advocate clearly communicating what we use to build applications.

Why do you only charge month by month?

Counting hours in a software project can be counterproductive for several reasons. Firstly, it is difficult to accurately measure the amount of time that a developer spends on a particular task. This is because developers often work on multiple tasks simultaneously, and it can be challenging to track the exact amount of time spent on each task. Secondly, counting hours can lead to a focus on quantity over quality. Developers may feel pressured to complete tasks quickly, which can result in lower-quality work. Finally, counting hours can be demotivating for developers. If they feel like they are being micromanaged, they may become less engaged with their work. Using larger measurements like months can be more appropriate for measuring software development progress. This is because software development is a complex process that involves many different tasks, and it can be difficult to accurately measure progress on a day-to-day basis. By using larger measurements like months, developers can focus on achieving long-term goals rather than worrying about the number of hours they are working.

What happens if I don't like what you deliver?

You don't pay us. We are confident that our work "speaks for itself", but to give you 100% peace of mind, the first month of your project provides us both the opportunity to "test" the working relationship, and you will not be charged for the first month if you are not 100% satisfied. We simply "end" before we start. We pursue frictionless, synergistic work - let's be grownups about it - if it does not work, we both walk away and pursue other options.

Who owns the code?

As soon as the project moves beyond the first month, the code is 100% yours.

Is there a minimum amount of months for a project?

No. Development is month-to-month with no required commitment - we keep working together until the project is complete (or canceled).

Can I cancel a project?

Yes, you may cancel a project at any time, for whatever reason. Our working agreement is 100% "month to month", so simply let us know and your project will not proceed beyond the current month.

Can ONTHEROCK Software cancel a project?

Yes, we can - the freedom provided to you to cancel at any time is also extended to us. (In the past 15 years, we have never terminated a project for any reason other than non-payment by the client).

What happens when the project is done?

That's 100% up to you. You can host the software on your infrastructure, or we can provide hosting and continued support. We offer several flexible hosting options to fit your budget and deployment architecture requirements. For enterprise projects, we partner with Restack to ensure all enterprise requirements are met and managed with ease.


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